Mercury 130W ETR – Changing VAT Rates

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January 18, 2021

Mercury 130W ETR – Changing VAT Rates

  1. Boot up your Mercury 130W ETR. You will see 1 displayed on the screen.
  2. Press VDMODE 3 times until you see “4” displayed on the screen (This is the Programming Mode)
  3. Enter the password for your device (default password is 0) and press TOTAL. Screen will display “1        0”.
  4. Press SH and + simultaneously and the first VAT will be displayed e.g. 1 14.00
  5. Enter the new rate, in this case 16.00 and press STL when you’re done
  6. Press TOTAL to end the operation.

If you get ERR 3 when trying to enter into programming mode print the daily Z report and return to the programming mode.


  1. agnes says:

    Hi,i have the new model mercury 130w etr.once i press SH AND + simultaneously what am getting is 5P_ _ _ _ _ _ _Kindly help.

  2. Wesley Langat says:

    Thanks for the instructions, blessed

  3. Lilian Nzomo says:

    Hello, what of the reverse, from 14 to the original 16%?

  4. Samuel Nderitu Migwi says:

    Thanks God bless you may you never lack

  5. Peter Musyoka says:

    Hi, your post was really helpful today. Be blessed.

    Wondering how I can set up Department 2 for exempt/zero rated sales. It keeps picking settings for Department 1 (vat).

  6. CHRISTINE says:

    Thanks for the guide, be blessed

  7. stella says:

    Awesome hack! Thank you for saving me some cash 😅👏🏽 I always wondered why I went to school if I can’t diy some things. Thank you for the guide MC Crutch.

  8. Gerishom Andalia says:

    Hi McCrutch
    When I press SH and + simultaneously, am getting 2 …0 what next?

    • McCrutch says:


      Kindly use the – or + button to scroll through the various tax rates defined, once you identify the one for VAT which will most likely be displayed as “1 14.00 0.00” then you can change that to the new tax rates. After you’ve set the new rate kindly press STL followed by TOTAL to complete the operation. It should give you a printout of the new rate once done successfully.


  9. Gerishom Andalia says:

    Hi McCrutch
    When I press SH and + simultaneously, am getting 2 …0 what next?


  10. TIMOTHY says:


  11. MESHACK says:

    Thanks for the good job

  12. Linus says:

    What about the aclass crbx. How do I go about changing VAT rates.

  13. Danny says:

    Any one with the 5p _ _ _ _ _ error
    Please ensure you have taken a current Z Report and you can Whatsapp the image for easy support Danny – 0725531287

  14. Onesmus says:

    What of Omega mini

  15. KEV says:

    How do I go about Eltrade Omega mini ETR, adjusting 14% to 16%?

  16. evance says:

    This is absolutely good work. Thanks.

  17. Josephine says:

    Hi, trying to reset the vat after pressing SH & displays 1.14 then I enter 16%(1.16) it displays 2.0.00

  18. wasam says:

    worked thanks you saved a day

  19. MICHAEL Olaare says:

    I have done the process until SH simultaneously with + , it displays 1.14.00 0.00 . my question is how do i change to 16% what do press to change?

  20. MICHAEL Olaare says:

    worked thanks for the knowledge

  21. Albert says:

    Thank you.

  22. esther says:

    Good Afternoon,
    I have followed all the steps and changed the vat rate from 14% to 16%, but when i make an ETR receipt, its show the vat as 16% but the calculation is of 14%.

    Kindly help.

  23. francis says:

    thank you so much

  24. Flavia Kalande says:


  25. Josphat Keya Namtenda says:

    Simple steps worked for me. Thank you so much! You are a lifesaver 🙂

  26. Kambui says:


    Asante sana. All went well. May God extend your boundaries. Be blessed

  27. haroon luhar says:

    When I press SH and + simultaneously, am getting 2 …0 and when i use – or + button to scroll am getting 5P_ _ _ _ _ _ _ please advice

  28. CYMAP Kenya says:


    Changing date on 130W is disabled in ROM?


  29. Boni says:

    Having a challenge. Just invoiced a quotation dated Nov 2020 using tax brackets of 14%. I’ve learned that I have to use the the 16% tax rate iregardless. Is is possble for me to generate a 2% etr receipt to get the 16% required. How do we go about it? Kindly help

  30. Clement says:

    Thank you. The update was smooth.

  31. Ras Georges says:

    thank you sana just saved 1000bob within 5mins..barikiwa sana

  32. Julius says:

    How do I reset my mercury 130W blue machine to the current date and time

  33. JK says:

    Great stuff straight to the point . You are one unselfish person all the best in your business

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